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SDCC 2012 - 2000 AD Panel review from CBR

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:37 pm    Post subject: SDCC 2012 - 2000 AD Panel review from CBR Reply with quote

Very complete article about the 2000 AD and 35th anniversary of DREDD panel, which counted with the presence of Karl urban and Olivia Thirlby:


"... The panel paused for a minute to introduce the afternoon's surprise special guests, Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby, who play Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson in the upcoming movie "Dredd."

Urban proudly displayed a "Dredd" badge on his button-up shirt as he and Thirlby walked up on to stage and sat down next to Jock, who also served as a concept designer on the film.

Wolk then opened up the floor to a lengthy Q&A session.

The first person to pick up to the microphone was, appropriately, dressed in a full MegaCity-One Judge uniform, minus the helmet. "Where's your helmet?" bemoaned Jock, to which the fan replied by pointing out his badge said "Hunter" and not "Dredd."

He asked about Dredd's movie uniform and how Urban was able to see out of his helmet during the movie. Urban joked, "it was important to be able to see out of the helmet!"

IDW's Chris Ryall announced Duane Swierczynski and Nelson Daniels as the creative team for the "Judge Dredd" ongoing.
He added, "It was important to Alex [Garland, 'Dredd' screenwriter] for this to be tonally quite different than anything that's come before and it was incredibly important to us to be honorable to what was in the comics. So in this movie, ostensibly, Dredd is wearing a leather motorcycle outfit and the purpose of the helmet is for protective purposes. Bullets, bike crashes. That was really what informed the design process in the film. We felt the gold accouterments like you're wearing, which are fucking great by the way, we felt that in our version, realistically, things like a chain and stuff like that would get caught up in combat."

The fan agreed with Urban's assessment, confessing that the chains on his uniform get tangled up just walking around the convention floor..."

"...Asked about when he first became familiar with Dredd, Urban said that he started reading the book when he was about 17. He was working in a pizza parlor and the manager was a "big Dredd head" who turned Urban on to "2000 AD." "The thing I really liked about Dredd is that it was just as much about the people living in MegaCity-One as it was about Dredd," the actor said.

He specifically stated the classic Judge Dredd stories "Necropolis" and "America" as ones that particularly affected him. In more recent years, in stories such as "Origins," Urban has enjoyed how Dredd has evolved and started "questioning the big lie."

Urban was applauded for his humility in taking a role where he never showed his face. Urban responded by saying, "you can't call a movie 'Judge Dredd' if you're taking the helmet off." The audience erupted in to cheers.

On his character arc in "Dredd," Urban said, "Dredd is the constant, Dredd is the immoveable object, everything else is in flux and changing and really the story is Anderson's story in many ways. It's the story of how Anderson becomes a judge. Olivia really has the arc in this movie. There is an arc for Dredd but it's a very subtle one, I'm not going to give it away. Let's just say that Dredd does something in the end of the movie that he never would have done in the beginning ..."

"... Urban then satisfied a fan's request by saying Dredd's classic line, "I am the law." Urban quickly said, "There's this one too! Judgment time." The crowd went predictably nuts.

Urban said he compiled a special Judge Dredd journal in preparation for the movie. He'd go through all his Judge Dredd comics and anytime a piece inspired him, either plot-wise or tonally, he'd photocopy it and stick it in the journal. Quite a few bits of the film's dialogue, and even some shots, were direct results of Urban sharing the journal with the film's crew..."

"... Urban admitted that his own first viewing of the movie was at the fan-screening Wednesday night. "I wanted to see the movie for the first time with an audience and I'm so glad I did. [The audience] got it on every level. It exceeded my wildest expectations. As far as where it goes from here, if the film is a one-off cult classic, I'm happy with that … If we get to make more, really, the sky's the limit in terms of Dredd and Dredd comics and it's all going in the right direction."

Ben Smith said, "One of the great things about the movie is it get's Dredd right tonally. There's no disconnect [with the comic] … The character of Dredd in the movie is Dredd in the comics."

Ryall closed the panel by asking why nobody asked about Urban's other franchise, "Star Trek." The crowd laughed nervously, acknowledging Urban's now infamous spoiler slip-up where he recently revealed the villain of "Star Trek 2" would be Gary Mitchell.

Urban just shook his head, looking embarrassed and said, "I'm not supposed to discuss 'Star Trek' at this time! But I will say there will be some Star Trek footage dropping in a couple of hours on YouTube."


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